What's included?


Tools and resources for new Affiliates!

Canva Template Library

Over 100 pages of Canva templates for courses, products, opt ins and social media!

Create a Live Training Toolkit

Learn all the steps and tech you need to create a Live Training!

Create an Email Course Toolkit

Learn how to create an engaging Email Course!

Create an Evergreen Webinar Toolkit

Learn how to turn a live into an evergreen webinar OR how to create a pre-recorded training to give tons of value to your new subscribers!

Create a Quiz Toolkit

Learn how to create an Awesome Sauce Quiz to grow your clients and customers.

Create a Resource Library Toolkit

This Toolkit will help you create a Resource Library from scratch, and step by step (easy peasy lemon squeezy).

Customize Your Canva Templates Masterclass

Take templates you have already purchased, organize them and then customize them to fit your brand! Save time and look polished and professional. Includes an hour long video training plus checklist to help you customize your template library!

Grow Your List, Promote Your Opt in!

Learn how to consistently promote your opt in to grow your subscribers!

Opt in Profit 1:1 Coaching

Get extra bonuses by enrolling in the VIP!

Opt in to Presale Launch Planner

Opt in to Presale Launch Planner

Plug and Play Shop Templates for Wordpress

Includes: Mini Sales Page Shop Page Product Details Page

Profit From Email Masterclass

Learn Why you need to nurture your new subscribers and how to create a super simple, value filled content plan that turns strangers into clients and customers so you can make more profit.