Liftetime Member Bundle by Vanessa

Liftetime Member Bundle

What's included?

Create a Live Training Toolkit

Learn all the steps and tech you need to create a Live Training!

Create an Email Course Toolkit

Learn how to create an engaging Email Course!

Create an Evergreen Webinar Toolkit

Learn how to turn a live into an evergreen webinar OR how to create a pre-recorded training to give tons of value to your new subscribers!

Create a Quiz Toolkit

Learn how to create an Awesome Sauce Quiz to grow your clients and customers.

Create a Resource Library Toolkit

This Toolkit will help you create a Resource Library from scratch, and step by step (easy peasy lemon squeezy).

Femprenuer Template Bundle

Workbook, Slide Deck and Social Graphics!

Lady Coach Toolbox

The Lady Coach Toolbox includes all the templates you need to create a consistent and professional brand. It includes workbooks and ebooks, along with social marketing graphics, a brand board (so you can create your logo) as well as a slide deck for your next course!

Opt in Profit Liftetime

Join Opt in Profit and never worry about a monthly payment, plus get some amazing bonuses!

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