Liftetime Member Bundle by Vanessa

Liftetime Member Bundle

What's included?


What's included

Create a Live Training Toolkit

Learn all the steps and tech you need to create a Live Training!

Create an Email Course Toolkit

Learn how to create an engaging Email Course!

Create an Evergreen Webinar Toolkit

Learn how to turn a live into an evergreen webinar OR how to create a pre-recorded training to give tons of value to your new...

Create a Quiz Toolkit

Learn how to create an Awesome Sauce Quiz to grow your clients and customers.

Create a Resource Library Toolkit

This Toolkit will help you create a Resource Library from scratch, and step by step (easy peasy lemon squeezy).

Opt in Profit Liftetime

Join Opt in Profit and never worry about a monthly payment, plus get some amazing bonuses!

Adobe and Canva Templates and Training to Turn Strangers into Fast Friends, Future Clients and Customers using Opt ins.