Communicate + Collab by Vanessa

Communicate + Collab

This mini class will help you create brand besties that will love you, support you and LIFT you up. That's a good feeling.

What's included?

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All about Pitching!
When is the right time to Pitch?
9 mins
Pitch Swipe File
76.5 KB
Creating Friendships that Build your Business
The Groundwork of Communication + Collaboration
24 mins
Using Facebook Group and Instagram to Make Friends
7 mins
BONUS: Groundwork Video Slides
5.95 MB
How to Create a Swipe file for Easy Sharing
How to Create a Swipe File in Google Drive
15 mins
Collab Swipe File Template
461 KB
BONUS: Canva Collaboration Handbook!
Collaboration Handbook Template

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