Boho Chic Workbook by Vanessa

Boho Chic Workbook

Boho Chic Workbook Template for Canva or Adobe

Boho Chic Workbook Template for Canva or Adobe

10 Beautiful, minimal pages with subtle colors and ample white space that you can mix, match + rinse and repeat for a perfect ebook, or add some worksheet pages to make a workbook!


- 1 Cover
- 3 Module/Lesson Pages
- 1 Tools & Resources Page
- 1 Checklist
- 2 styles of Worksheets
- 1 Notes Page
- 1 Author & Call to Action Page

What's included?

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Boho Chic Workbook
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How will I get my Templates?

You'll receive: 

  • A PDF with instructions on how to COPY the CANVA templates into your own Canva account for editing. 
  • Indesign Files 

YOU WILL NEED INDESIGN OR CANVA TO EDIT THESE TEMPLATES! You should know the basics or better of INDESIGN OR CANVA to successfully update and edit this template! 

Can I sell what I make with the Templates?

What you Can and Cannot do

You can use this template unlimited times for personal use (as in, you are not making money from it). ONE time for commercial use (as in, you create an ebook or workbook for sale or as part of something for sale like a course). Or if you are a designer, for ONE client project for your client’s personal or commercial use.

You MAY NOT use the logo, concept or exactly replicate this template without adding yours or your clients own logo and branding. The graphics includes can only be used for the design of this workbook, so please do not try to extract them for other projects. 

Can I get a refund if I don't like the Template?

Due to the digital and instant nature of this template, all sales are final and not refundable, however I want you to be super happy! So if you have trouble, let's work together :)