Trisha Custom Template Bundle by Vanessa

Trisha Custom Template Bundle

What's included?

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Be Your Own Course Designer Masterclass
Watch : Masterclass
Download : The Course Design Checklist
How To : Everything You Need to Get Started
How to Add Canva Templates to your Account
2 mins
How to Setup Your Brand in Canva
7 mins
How to Change Colors & Images in Canva
7 mins
How to Organize your Canva Templates
4 mins
How to Build Your Workbook in Canva
3 mins
How to Customize Your Spreadsheet
3 mins
How to Make a Mockup in Canva
3 mins
Canva Templates
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Webinar Slide Template
Pinterest Templates
Instagram Stories
Brand Board
Watercolor 1
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Watercolor 2
130 KB
Templates for Adobe (Indesign + Illustrator)
13.6 MB
Course Building Resources
Styled Stock Photos
Podia : Free Trial + 15% off to Build Courses, Products and Memberships Beautifully
Flodesk : 30 Day Free Trial + 50% off to Send Launch & Sales Emails
Bluchic : Landing & Sales Page Templates that are Easy to Design for Wordpress
The Contract Shop : Protect Your Course Content and Your $$$ With Online Course Creator / Seller Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy